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In fall of 2010, I created Flare, an application sold on the Android Market.

Flare stores, sends and receives GPS locations that users create. These locational messages (flares) are sent from phone to phone via SMS. The user can then pull up a specialized interface that guides him/her to the destination. The view updates in real time and shows animations when a new GPS location is received.

See the original blog post.


goray is a raytracer written in Go, based on the Yafaray rendering engine. It is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.

goray started as a project to understand the fundamentals of rendered graphics and a directed learning of the Go programming language, but has become a full project in the span of one year.

You can follow goray on Bitbucket.

Movie Golf

Movie Golf is a movie trivia game—like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon— that involves connecting movies. The object of the game is to connect two seemingly different movies by putting the fewest intermediaries. To putt to another film, you must find a common actor. For example, you can putt from Legally Blonde to Pleasantville via Reese Witherspoon. Each film that you putt to is called an intermediary.

Movie Golf uses a custom database backend to serve golfs in tenths of a second from a vast collection of 60,000 movies.

You can try it at moviegolf.com.

Greyhound Lua

Greyhound Lua is a distribution of Lua intended to be used for the FIRST Robotics Competition. Teams can use this to write their robot code in Lua, a simple, lightweight programming language.

I created Greyhound Lua as part of my mentorship of the Atascadero High School Robotics Team. We used it with great success, winning the FIRST World Championship in St. Louis during the year we deployed it.

Greyhound Lua is hosted on SourceForge.

Open Source Contributions

I have contributed to several open source projects. My most significant contribution is the spdy package to the Go programming language, but I have also contributed to the Python programming language, and various fixes for different Python libraries.