Zombie Zen

Using Go



After initially posting about Google’s programming language, and working with it for about three weeks, I think I’m ready to give it a review.

Just a quick overview of Go: type names on the right side, language-level support for concurrent processing, and objects are interface-based. If you’re interested, go check out http://golang.org/.

First of all, I applaud Google for coming up with a language that actually brings something new to the table, instead of the usual “You use this syntax to do the exact same thing you could have done more cleanly in Python!” Go has actually helped me make programs that are more multiprocessing-aware, and that’s something that’s pretty amazing.

I think my main problem with it right now is that the language is fluctuating so much that it’s hard to keep up with. I’ve met some unstable code bases before, but this breaks my code every three hours if I stay on the bleeding edge. Heaven forbid if I don’t update for three days, I have to recompile everything. It’s just ridiculous.

Yes, I know that Go is weeks old. I know that there isn’t an infrastructure for formalizing language changes yet. I further know that the poor developers are getting beaned over the head by trolls on the Google group who just want to whine about how different the language is, without even coding in it in some cases. Darn you, Internet trolls. I like Go’s potential, but I think I’m going to wait a month before trying to do any serious work in it yet.

Definitely wait. I havent been keeping up with it, but from your description I imagine they prematurely released any compiler for the language, if this is not some sort of Alpha or Beta at all.

You’re right, it is my own fault. I broke Rule #42 of Code-land: Any code that doesn’t have a version number is trouble. :)