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Sass Stylesheets

Posted at by Ross Light

I just started using this a couple days ago. It’s essentially a CSS preprocessor that allows you to use variables, arithmetic, functions, and true inclusion. It’s also very good at compressing CSS for you. Zombie Zen is now using it; it shortened my development time significantly.

Zombie Zen: An HTML5 Success Story

Posted at by Ross Light

It’s the rage on the internet and just one in a long line of buzzwords from the internet: HTML5. Many of my technically inclined followers know of HTML5. Even my followers who have been on the Internet in the past few months may have heard of it. The promises it makes are wild and varied: spectacular video, ground-breaking graphics, awesome apps, and astounding audio. But what does HTML5 mean, and why is it good? And more importantly, how is Zombie Zen using it?

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Site Redesign

Posted at by Ross Light

Hey everyone:

Because I am doggedly determined to run a great site, I’ve done a complete redesign of the visual theme for Zombie Zen. However, this process is not the smoothest, so please be aware that there may be some display issues. Bear with me for the next couple of days.

Hope you like it painted black! :)