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FIRST Team 973 Victory at St. Louis

Posted at by Ross Light

This is my second year mentoring FIRST Robotics Team 973, and last weekend, we won the world championships in St. Louis, Missouri. With 320 teams at the championships (not to mention the countless others who didn’t make it to championships), to perform this well is an amazing feat. I’m proud of all of the students on the team who worked so hard to get to the top, and we made it. Congratulations, everyone! You all did a brilliant job! (and for those in the know: Literally!)

For your viewing pleasure, our final match (we were the red alliance in this match):

Post-Match Celebration (because Facebook can’t embed)

EDIT: Wired has an article describing the event. I’ll continue to post more as I find it.

Currently expanding the FIRST scouting project to generate PDFs with barcode IDs. Data entry will be epic.

FIRST Experiences with MongoDB

Posted at by Ross Light

I’m currently working on a FIRST scouting data management project in my spare time. The requirements I’m working with are fairly well-defined, but the statistics collected change from year to year. I want to be able to use the same software year after year and keep historical data intact. I’m using Django for the front-end, but instead of using a traditional SQL database, I’m experimenting with using MongoDB, one of those new, fancy No-SQL databases.

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