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cardcpx: a Go/AngularJS project

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I’ve posted a project I’ve been hacking on to my Bitbucket account: cardcpx. This has nothing to do with my day job, it’s just something I did to help out on a film shoot (which also had nothing to do with my day job).

From the README:

cardcpx is a specialized UI for copying files from a camera card to 1+ replicas. The replica copies happen concurrently, so if you are copying N bytes to R replicas, the time is O(N) instead of O(N * R).

The interface also has includes simple scene/take ingestion, which is stored in a CSV transaction log. Selects will be copied first, so you can do a proofing check on a fast disk while your import finishes.

cardcpx supports a flat directory structure as well as the RED camera directory structure. It assumes that your clip names do not overlap. Attempting to copy the same file name will not overwrite data.

It’s still a bit rough around the edges, but I’m happy with how Go allowed me to compose a fairly complex a tool out of easy-to-understand pieces. This was my first excursion into writing a frontend with AngularJS, but I’m also similarly pleased about the design.

Everything’s open source. Feel free to dig in and use. I’d love to know if other people find this program useful.