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More on Computer Security

Posted at by Ross Light

As I’ve discussed before, computer security is an important part of running a functional system. Many people have asked me after my initial posts about how to remove viruses on their computers after a catastrophic infection. I held off on recommending one tool, but after yet another computer cleanup, I finally have a recommendation:

Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

My other roommate’s computer also became afflicted with a rogue anti-virus (this one was dubbed “Antivirus Soft”), and after using this program, everything was removed successfully, without having to revert to a system restore. The free version just removes malware, but doesn’t actively check for it—so my ClamWin recommendation still stands. These two together are a terrific toolset.

New iTunes 9

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The new iTunes 9 is pretty amazing. If you haven’t downloaded it yet… do it. I still wish there was an easier way to transfer the library between computers, but at least the file organization is getting better. (The trick is to use “File > Library > Organize Library…”.)

I would also like to say something to grammar Nazis: my previous parenthetical statement is syntactically valid. Read Strunk & White if you don’t believe me—page 36 of the 50th Anniversary Edition.

I’m blogging from my new 13" MacBook Pro! Woot!

Snow Leopard Install

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I’m finally installing Snow Leopard on my family’s Mac Pro. I’ll keep you posted.