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Devices in HTML5

Posted at by Ross Light

Upon doing some research today, I found a new element that’s worked its way into the HTML5 spec: the <device> tag. What this will allow web developers to do is have a standard way of using a device on the user’s computer (like a webcam or microphone).

What could this mean? The obvious one is video-chat capabilities without Flash, but I’m seeing this as a huge bridge between the desktop world and the web world. Just imagine: Flickr could upload pictures directly from your camera without any extra software, or browser games could use your joysticks natively. If this specification goes through, we could be looking at a dramatically different web.

Xbox 360 Controllers on the Mac

Posted at by Ross Light

Hello everyone!

It is with great enthusiasm that I present a new set of Xbox 360 Controller drivers for the Mac! Play all of your favorite games with your stylish Xbox 360 Controller! Go ahead and download it!

Download Link (.dmg)
Project Page

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After spending the entire day on it, it’s amazing how joyful it is to get a program to accept keyboard input.