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So you want to be a poster designer…

(by Dr. Mosnter, via reddit)

Nice! Each of the posters is spot-on, I’d say.

Something about the simplicity of the characters made me laugh even by the fourth panel.

The Stanley Parable

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I know this is old news for some. After watching Extra Credits, I tried out The Stanley Parable. It’s an interesting commentary on games, but packaged as a Source engine mod. It’s free, so it’s worth a look, if that suits your fancy.

A Screenshot of Two Doors -- from The Stanley Parable

This made me chuckle more than it should have. Hooray for memes!

Reblog if you've seen a girl with hair like this

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Just watched Scott Pilgrim again a few days ago. It continues to grow on me.

Because vacuum tubes are awesome.
— Doug (after a discussion of the simplicity of VGA)

This is amazing. I approve. :D

One does not simply FTP into Mordor. :D


Splendorman <3

funny marblehornets spinoff

If you’ve been watching Marble Hornets, this will make you lol. It’s also pretty funny regardless, but it’s really a Marble Hornets joke.

When you have a bug in an enterprise program, money is lost. When you have a bug in a graphics program, art is created.

I’ve been working on rewriting parts of the raytracer I wrote in Go in x86-64 assembly. The test model I’ve been using is Suzanne, one of the primitives in Blender. Needless to say, something in the assembly code is not right, but it’s the first actual image the raytracer has spit back since I removed the pure Go implementation of the ray/triangle intersection code.

I giggled a little too much at this.

I used this code in some systems programming work. It actually does something useful.

One of these is Mark Zuckerberg; the other is of me. Mark Zuckerberg photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

I find this rather amusing. If you write Hello, World in Python in the sand, does that make it sand-script? :P

Now I’ve got an 0xE to Valgrind.
— Me (after finally getting results from a black box test for an assignment)

xkcd: Golden Hammer

I love hating Java.

For all of my engineering friends out there, I share this comic with you. :) (You may have to click the image to make it larger, it’s kinda hard to share comics of this size).

100th Post!

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A DOS prompt makes me sad. A bash prompt elicits unbridled joy in my heart.

The above quote came out of a rather interesting discussion in my early morning programming lecture.

And as stated above, this is my 100th post! I’d like to thank my kind readers and followers for making Zombie Zen a wonderful experience. To celebrate the occasion, I thought I’d send along a picture!

100th post!


Seismic Waves xkcd comic


Damn nit-twits.

Tautology Club

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Honor Societies

The second rule of Tautology Club is the rule that comes after the first rule.

While I was walking past the Math & Science building at my school, I saw a rally that was starting to get very heated. I stopped and listened and found out that the speaker was advocating to make Pi Day an international holiday. MLIA

Alan Moore knew that Twitter was evil. :)

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If you have not seen this video, you need to. NOW. And then you need to see it again. And again. And again. And again. And again and again! [whack]

I love Google’s autocomplete; it reads my mind. :)

I wish there was only one Highlander.
— Myself (after finding out that there was a six-season TV show based off the original movie)

GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra: The evil plan is to set up the franchise for a sequel.